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        Welcome To Linshu Feiyu Tools Production Factory!
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    The Linshu Feiyu Tools Production Factory is a profession to produce a grow the son of hammer and farm implementses to produce the factory house.Manufacturing equipments forerunner, examine the means is well-found, the technique energy is strong, producing annually now the ability amount to 1,500,000 piece hammer, the product is sold very well European America, middle east, Japan waits more than 40 nations with region, possess the higher good reputation in the domestic and international market.
    Every kind of product that company produce processes fine, the construction is reasonable and manage science, specification well-found, divide German style, the style of the United States, the style of England, the style of France, four greatest serieses more than 120 specifications, the degree of hardness is just right, usage safety convenience.
    The price of article is reasonable, delivering goods quick, guarantee the quantity, the heavy contract keeps promise, combining cans come to diagram to order to do every kind of the son of hammer and farm implements products to the kind, we wish to cooperate with people of different walks of life sincerity to create the fine future together.
    The welcome large and domestic and international businessman in enthusiasm in WuChuanlei in plant manager in Factory in Production in Tools in Feiyu in Linshu comes to talk over business!We will with superior quality Of the top-grade service sincerity cooperates with you.

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